What is Laptop Tracker?

Laptop Tracker is a service that works to track your lost or missing laptop. User can register for this service from our portal laptoptracker.com.

Simply go to the Laptop Tracker web site from any Web browser to see your device's location on a map. Owner is the only party that can use the system to reveal the locations visited by a device.


Easy to Install & Use:
Laptop Tracker is a very easy to use application. To get started, you need to create an account with username and password. Install any of Max Secure Anti Virus or Internet Security product setup file and install on your system. Once installed, you can manage all your settings easily from
Options » Product Info » Register for Laptop Tracker.

Account Summary

  • Easy Registration
  • No Equipment to Purchase
  • Stealth Mode
  • View Laptop Location on a Map
  • Receive Timely Alerts
  • Track and Locate; From Anywhere and Anytime using any browser
  • This facility available only for the registered users.
  • Many advanced features will be added in near future and you will get them through updates of our Anti Virus or Internet Security product.
Customer Speaks

Just to say many, many Thanks for sorting out my mess! What a Fantastic, Amazing, Excellent, High Quality, Product! Anyone with a PC should install it. Can't recommend highly enough.


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